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Steeped in the Byzantine traditionStudio image

Prayer ~ I enter into a prayer relationship with the individuals or communities for whom I write an icon. I ask for the spiritual sustenance of prayer that I need from them, and I keep them in my prayers. Together, the icon is prayed into being.

Selection ~ I assist an individual or community in choosing an appropriate icon, one to which they are especially drawn or which fits a special purpose, e.g., a wedding, birth, or community namesake.
Requirements ~ I assist in determining an agreeable size, timeframe for completion, and location in which the icon will be placed.

Cost ~ Based upon the estimated time that will be required to complete an icon, a commission is agreed upon. Icons are very labor intensive, and the hours to complete an icon vary, depending upon complexity and size. It is customary for half of the agreed upon commission to be paid at the beginning of the process and the remainder upon delivery. The Iconographer is paid only for the living expenses and materials. Most commissions range from $1,000.00 to $15,000.00 and upward.

To inquire further or begin the process please see the contact page.