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Icon Institute

Icon Institute students

One action of the Holy Spirit in our time is a worldwide resurgence of interest in spirituality and sacred imagery, which unite in the Holy Icon. Guided by this same Spirit, Pope John Paul II has called for the reconciliation of all Christians, the union of the Catholic and Orthodox communions, and for the renewal of sacred imagery. The Icon is an essential part of the way in which the mystery of Christ is made visible.

Since the early 1980s, Catholic, Orthodox, and other Christian believers have come together at Queen of Angels Monastery in Oregon's magnificent Willamette Valley to pray, to study, to work. All students study orthodox iconography, the traditional sacred art of the undivided Church. In this beautiful environment, the Iconography Institute seeks to instruct, support, and form those women and men who are called to the vocation and ministry of iconography.

In the prayer-filled environment of a Monastery students learn -- through a carefully structured curriculum -- drawing based on sacred geometry, panel preparation, gold leaf application, egg tempera painting, and various other steps in the writing of an icon. Sessions are designed for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced students.

For information and application, contact the Iconography Institute through the website at